Postpartum Day 4 – Goodbye for now

It’s been four short and long days since my son was born. It’s hard to believe that when I began this blog it was because I wasn’t sure I would ever become a mom. Now I’m here doing the mom thing and LOVING it. I am so grateful for all of the doctors, nurses, ultrasound […]


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1.24 our baby is born!

Ezra arrived on Friday 1/24. In the morning the doctors told me that I was almost complete and would definitely deliver. I began pushing around 2. My nurse Liz sat on the edge of the bed trying to massage my perineum and help him come out. I pushed and pushed and didn’t feel enough progress […]

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Week 39 Induction time!

Well I’ve made it! Today marks week 39 and I am at the hospital for my induction. I’m feeling pretty good so far. I went to see my doctor yesterday and when she checked me she said I was 1cm dilated and about 50% thinned out. This is all great news because I am here […]

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The Past Decade

I’ve seen many FB posts about the past decade. Many report all of the blessing that people have had or decade long relationships or ways they’ve grown and changed. I want to post as well but my story doesn’t;t belong in the public forum. Not now at least. Maybe someday it will… In 2010 I […]

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Week 35 – Pain in my joints

It’s the 35th week of my pregnancy and I’m still doing pretty well. I’m as big as I’ve ever been, I mostly miss my pre-pregnancy body. I am ready for the baby to come, but I’m not at theĀ get this baby out of me stage yet either. I just want to feel like myself again. […]

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Week 33 – 7 weeks to go!

I was at a friends wedding… actually I wasn’t just at it, I was IN it. Anyway I met her when I first moved to MD back in July 2014. She was just dating her now husband, I had just left mine. We lived together with another girl. All three of us became best friends […]

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Week 30 work stress

I hit week 30 today. It’s amazing that we have entered the final count down of weeks. I am so much bigger these days. I still forget how big I am from time to time but then I gt a plane in the mirror and remember all to quickly how much time really has passed. […]

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Week 29 Baby on the move

The weeks are really passing quickly. I feel like I’m in a time warp and while we have stayed busy I have begun to loose track of all that’s been going on. We had our maternity photo shoot last week and I have 2,000 photos to choose from for our holiday card this year. So […]

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