Week 29 Baby on the move

The weeks are really passing quickly. I feel like I’m in a time warp and while we have stayed busy I have begun to loose track of all that’s been going on. We had our maternity photo shoot last week and I have 2,000 photos to choose from for our holiday card this year. So […]

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Week 26 Thank you’s

Time is flying by. I’m at the end of week 26 already. I’m excited to see the baby on Wednesday for our next sonogram. I feel him kicking all of the time and he’s super active. I love laying down and feeling him dance around. I went for my glucose test last week and heard […]

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Week 25 Hold the door!

The weeks are flying by. Working is really helping with passing the time. I can’t believe the second trimester is almost at an end. Month 6 has been beautiful. I finally look pregnant, no longer in the questioning way, or even in the just popped way, but in the adorable, oh wow look at that […]

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Week 23 Emotions

I’m 23 weeks in and looking they way a 6 month pregnant woman should. Its impossible to pretend I’m not pregnant. I get asked the question “How are you feeling?” about 10x’s a day. But I don’t mind it. It’s what you’re supposed to ask someone who’s looking as pregnant as I am looks. I […]

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Week 20 – Still perfect

I went with my husband to our 20 week appointment today. Our son is growing fast and strong. He’s measuring at 13 oz and he’s about a week ahead of scheduled in growth. He’s not the bad kind of big though, he’s strong, active and very healthy. His heart rate is perfect, all of his […]

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Week 18 Hormones and work.

I went back to work this week after the whole summer off. It’s been a good summer and I Rea,ly felt ready this morning to go back. I love teaching and I love being with my students. I’ve actually spent the past two weeks in about an hour or two a time to work on […]

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Week 15 I’m Showing!

Something seemed to have happened between this week and last. I think the term is ‘pop’. My belly is looking like its pregnant. No more… Did she over do it at the buffet? worries. Now I’m thinking people will be wondering Is Jennifer pregnant? I like it. Pregnant looks good on me, or some I’m being told it does. […]

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